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[cdt-dev] multicore debugging


I would have some questions regarding the current Eclipse support for multicore debugging:

1) How can I represent cores in Eclipse? Can I use thread groups or threads? Can I represent each core as a thread? How Eclipse knows of the existence of multiple cores?

I have a single binary file that contains code for multiple cores. Each core should run its code independently of other cores.

In the GDB MI protocol, all commands that are thread-specific have an additional thread identifier option (--thread,  --frame). There is also mentioned the “core” field, in the async record: *stopped,reason="reason",thread-id="id",stopped-threads="stopped",core="core".
    - Is there support in Eclipse for the “core” field?

2) GDB non-stop mode: it is possible to examine the state of one thread, while other threads are running
        - Is there support in Eclipse for this mode?

3) Elf Binary Parser
    - How difficult would be to extend the Elf Binary Parser in order to be able to support a custom binary executable that contains debug information for multiple cores?

4) What about variable/register/memory Views? How are these handled in multicore context?

Thank you.

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