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[cdt-dev] Testing (RC1)

with the RCs starting, it would be nice to run some tests on CDT 8.2.  I have created a wikipage to track the effort.  As you may expect, I have focused on Debug, but the page is meant to track any testing done.
CDT Wiki -> Manual Testing -> CDT/8.2 RC1 Testing
or directly at:
The list I put is not exhaustive (and if it seems long it is because I put lots of little steps, which I simply copy/pasted from last year :)).
Please feel free to add other tests.
I recommend that when someone decides to take a section, they add their name (or some kind of notification), so that others don't start testing the same thing.
Thanks for any help you can provide.
P.S. Sometimes people ask how they can contribute to CDT; this is one way that helps in maintaining our good quality.  It also helps become familiar with functionality, which can lead to deeper understanding, which is a great way to get going with CDT.

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With the long weekend up here in Canada, I forgot to grab a build for RC1. So I did that this morning. It is here and hooked into our composite milestones repo:


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