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Re: [cdt-dev] Build not triggered on MBS options change



not knowing all implementation details of the CDT MBS, I guess this simply is because the generated Makefile is not part of the dependency tree in the build process.


That being said, I don’t know if the CDT MBS dumps the Makefile each time the build occurs, or only if necessary. If the former, that approach wouldn’t work anyway, but then, an explicit trigger of a build run would solve the issue (like “The build properties changed. Would you like to rebuild the whole project?”). If the latter, then adding it to the dependency tree would solve the issue. I assume both approaches only could be addressed inside the CDT MBS. You probably should raise a bugzilla.






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Hi All,


Question is about GNU-Compiler option changes in eclipse IDE is failed to trigger the build:


I have integrated a GNU based toolchain in to indigo-eclipse IDE (it is close to mingw project), and we are using the internal (default)CDT builder.


The default project is getting built properly. However, if I change any option in the compiler and try building the project, the build is not getting triggered. What could go wrong in my implementation.



1)      Make files are re-generated with the changes as per the option selection.

2)      If I modify any .c file, the build triggers properly


Thanks and Regards

Swapnil R


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