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[cdt-dev] CODAN - CodanProblemDetailsProvider to support Browser SWT Widget instead of Link?

Hello CDT Devs,

 is there a chance that in the future CODAN's Problem Details view would support not only text with links, but also rendering of plain html pages loaded for example from files? Or is there a way to open both the "http" and "file:" type of links inside eclipse instead of an external system associated editor or viewer even if the file is an arbitrary one outside of the eclipse project explorer's view?

I am trying to integrate our static code analyzer into eclipse through available CODAN extension points in a way that the detailed requirements and rule descriptions would be visible from within eclipse in the Problem Details window.
Interestingly all the descriptions for the warnings are found in dedicated html files with colorful C code examples and such.

Thanks for your kind response in advance.

Best regards,


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