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[cdt-dev] Autotools template continues creating a project after throwing ProcessFailureException


I am trying to create a C project using a custom Autotools Templates.
When validating the template, if something goes wrong, we throw a ProcessFailureException.
This results in showing one error dialog for this error, and another one coming from the  AutotoolsBuildWizardHandler's createProject method.
As it seems, even if we throw an error, the createProject method is not short-circuited, but continues and rans into a NullPointerException further down.
If we switch to another type of exception, such as OperationCanceledException, the second problem does not occur anymore since it is treated in the workspace.
The downside to the second approach is that we cannot configure the message shown in the error dialog, as with ProcessFailureException.
Is there any approach that we can use to both configure the message and short-circuit the creating of the project when processing a template ?

Ioana Grigoropol

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