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[cdt-dev] Is this a bug?

I am using CDT 8.1.2,201302132326, which I think is the latest CDT release.

I have a big code base with several projects - maybe 25 or so.  Sometimes Eclipse tells me it can't resolve symbols, but when I search for the symbol with a C++ search Eclipse can find it.  This happens even when the symbol is globally defined, and even when the include file in which the symbol occurs is included in the source code explicitly.

I also have cases where Eclipse tells me it can't resolve a symbol, but when I hover over the symbol the tooltips knows what the symbol resolves to.  In the specific cases I am seeing, I know Eclipse has resolved the correct symbol, because there is only one.

Is this a bug?  Should I try to make a small reproducer and submit a Bugzilla item, or is there something I'm not thinking of?

Thanks.  (Sorry if this is spam.)

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