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Re: [cdt-dev] bumping pin and clone from Kepler (bug 145635)

Thanks Pawel,

Sounds OK to me.

Do you have the Pin & Clone work in a git Branch such that it can be revived on an as-needed basis, and/or deployed as a feature patch on top of Kepler at some point if desired ?

I'm thinking about something similar as the JDT team has been doing with Java7 and Java8 support (develop it in a branch).

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Hi All,
The deadline to commit this feature for M6 is tomorrow and I haven't got a comprehensive review from another committer yet.  Also, I'm not getting much positive feedback on the feature from the guys that are using pin and clone in CDT right now, which is really the target audience for it.  On top of that, I'm still seeing some stability issues in the logic that re-selects pinned contexts, meaning that it'll still take a bit of fine tuning to work out the bugs in this feature in Kepler.
So unless someone complains really loudly right now and (and offers to help with making it rock solid), I'm going to bump this feature from Kepler.

OTOH, the expression working sets is a much simpler patch, so I'll merge it for M6 and let another committer review it retroactively. It doesn't intorduce any new API so if we find a major problem we could still pull it out in M7.

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