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Re: [cdt-dev] Custom project templates using "new style project types"

On 2013-02-25 15:47, Jesper Eskilson wrote:

I'm trying to create a custom project template to show up in the "New C 
Project" wizard. I'm using so-called "new style project types", i.e. the 
name of the projecttype is empty. I have created a custom 
"buildArtefactType" called "Executable (IAR)", so that I can have all my 
templates in a separate folder. This works fine, but I cannot seem to 
work out how to add anything other than an "Empty Project"-template.

I've contributed a template to the org.eclipse.cdt.core.templates 
extension point, like this:


I found the problem myself. It turns out that the "projectType" attribute really isn't the projectType id, but rather the id of buildArtefactType of the project with which the template should be associated. Changing to my artefact type "com.iar.cdt.buildArtefactType.exe" made the whole thing work nicely.

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