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Re: [cdt-dev] Ecilpse Debug views Refresh

Hi Eduard,
I think you are looking for the org.eclipse.cdt.dsf.debug.ui.viewmodel.launch.StateChangeEvent.  This even was added to deal with basically this kind of an issue.


On 02/21/2013 07:46 AM, Bechtold, Eduard wrote:

Hello dear Eclipse-Team,


Since long we have been using Eclipse for debugging our targets. We have also implemented many Plug-Ins for internal purposes.

Some of our Plug-Ins use gdb commands to change Information on our targets.

We have encountered one problem when changing something that affects the current debug context with gdb commands.

·         In one of our Plug-Ins we change the current program counter, stack pointer… and after these changes we would like Eclipse to notice it. We need Eclipse to refresh like when receiving suspend event from gdb after hitting a breakpoint, when debugging.

·         In an other Plug-In we change one of our target settings, which is called thread awareness. When it is turned off we only return the active thread to the debugger (for faster debugging). Otherwise we return information of all running threads. Here we have the same problem as above, we need some mechanism to tell Eclipse it should refresh again on current debug context.

Currently we are using many workarounds only for that purpose. For example inserting a breakpoint and jumping that address. Other workarounds contain even replacing instructions with nops and letting the target run over them, so that the target suspends again and the gdb sends the suspend trigger for refresh of Eclipse.

So my question is:

·         Is there some way to trigger a refresh of the internal Eclipse Debug views (including debug, registers, variables, expressions view…)?

      (For example by sending an event with the active debug context, and/or active launch)


We would really appreciate your help with our Eclipse refresh problem, so we can get a rid of a whole bunch of workarounds.


With best regards,
Eduard Bechtold

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