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Re: [cdt-dev] Address of global variables using EDC Dwarf Reader

Hi Vinod,


If this is a pure embedded target where the executable will not be relocated, then you can use the symbol table.  See org.eclipse.cdt.debug.edc.symbols.IExecutableSymbolicsReader.findSymbols(String) or org.eclipse.cdt.debug.edc.symbols.IExecutableSymbolicsReader.findUnmangledSymbols(String).


Otherwise you’ll the module to get the relocated address.  See org.eclipse.cdt.debug.edc.symbols.IModuleScope.getVariablesByName(String, boolean).  Once you have the IVariable you’re looking for, you can resolve the runtime address by getting the ILocationProvider, then the IVariableLocation, then the IAddress.


I hope that helps.






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Subject: [cdt-dev] Address of global variables using EDC Dwarf Reader


Hi All,


We are facing a problem with getting address of global variables using Dwarf Reader (from EDC project).

I can’t find a API which gives the constant address for a global variable (I have checked with ).


Hope somebody can give a better option to get the same without any side effects.


Thanks in Advance,




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