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Re: [cdt-dev] purpose of "IASTNode point" arguments?

> You could be right and may well give it a try.
> Such a definitions could be represented as a binding for the class template or the function template. For the former the scope can be obtained via ICppClassType.getCompositeScope() for the latter the lookup can start in the enclosing scope accessible via IBinding.getScope().
> Markus.

I implemented my proposed solution, using your suggestion for how 
to represent the point of definition (thanks!). Patch is on gerrit:

The patch is not complete in that it only implements the lookup at 
the point of definition in findOverloadedOperators(), but I marked 
the other places where the point of definition might be used for an 
additional lookup. The patch resolves bug 399829, which was my 
original intention.


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