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Re: [cdt-dev] code completion & C++11

Hi Michi

Thanks for the report. I can confirm the behavior you are observing regarding code completion. Without further investigation I would guess that the allowed completion of the private and protected nested classes inside a class has been possible even before C++11 in CDT. According to [class.access.nest] in the former standard this had been denied explicitly, unlike access to other members.

CDT should not offer inaccessible members for completion. When you issue a bug, I'll look into the completion of inaccessible members from outside.

Apart from that, is there a general policy about how CDT reacts when the expected behavior of different standards is contradicting? Like the access to other nested classes as in the attached example?


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Hi guys,

I have some issues with code completion in C++ and nested classes, and I guess it has to do with C++11. The latter has changed how nested classes have access to private/protected declarations in the nesting class.

I have attached a test case that produces some weird results. Before I issue a bug report I wanted to know whether I'm just too stupid to get things right.

bye Michi

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