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[cdt-dev] Help in setting up an Eclipse project using OS Variables, Build Variables and Environment Variables


I'm working on the Adopt OpenJDK project to make it possible to build OpenJDK projects (and sub-projects) in Eclipse under Ubuntu 12.04, later to use this model all other OpenJDK projects for Eclipse and other IDEs on other platforms.

I was searching for information on how to use the various variables in Eclipse to substitute hard-coded values so that the same project can be loaded and used in Eclipse running on different OSes. I did come across a number of tutorials, but couldn't find what I was looking for in them.

Alas, I haven;t been able to fully accomplish that. I kept getting errors from Eclipse that it didn;t recognise that variable and at other times it will substitute the variable with a blank value. I have attached screenshots of the tabs that interest me. I also read that Eclipse is buggy when it comes to substituting values, I tried using tips from the web but none of them worked.

I have attached screenshots where you will see there are directory / folder locations mentioned on all of these tabs, I would like to be able to control this from outside Eclipse or from a central set of variables in Eclipse which I can set via the OS environment variables so that the project is as generic as possible and no hardcoded with paths or other values. How do I accomplish this? Do you have any experience or references to example of Eclipse projects that illustrate just this?

I have also attached a link to my c/c++ project uploaded to the github repo:

Hoping for some advise or help from you.


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