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[cdt-dev] CDT Kepler on top of Eclipse Juno

Dear CDT Committers,


We are interested in keeping the CDT 8.2 (Kepler) release compatible with last year’s

Eclipse Juno (4.2.2  and 3.8.2).


The Eclipse Platform API has remained mostly unchanged since Juno, so the cost of this

should be small – just one additional Hudson Verification Job to test CDT master against

Platform Juno every once in a while.


On the other hand, we would become a lot more flexible, by being able to deploy new

CDT into older Eclipse (after all, Juno is the designated long-term support

stream, so some large companies are expected to stay on Eclipse Juno).


A number of other Eclipse projects officially support the current Eclipse Platform as well

as some older releases (N-1 or even N-2), most notably Mylyn and egit. WTP makes it very clear:


Would the CDT community support this approach, or are there any concerns ?





Martin Oberhuber, SMTS / Product Architect – Development Tools, Wind River

direct +43.662.457915.85  fax +43.662.457915.6


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