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Re: [cdt-dev] "Attach Process" dialog for gdb running remotely ?

It is not obvious to me why you would get a local list of processes...
You can look at the gdb traces and see what is happening differently:
To fill the process prompter with values, CDT asks GDB for the list of processes using
  -list-thread-groups --available
If that command does not work (as it may not for Solaris), the remote session should fall back
to asking for a pid directly.  For the local case, the list will be provided by CDT itself.
I wonder if there is some confusion between the remote and local case?
What version of CDT are you using?

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I have an odd problem, trying to debug a remote application with gdb running remotely.

Here’s what I do:


1.       Create a new “C/C++ Attach Application” Launch

2.       Leave the project and app fields empty on the main tab

3.       Enter “ssh szg-vm01-qa-lx2 gdb“ as the debugger to use on the debugger tab


Launch it, and wohoo I get a Process picker dialog showing remote processes, everything works fine !

The remote host in that case is RHEL 5.8 with gdb 7.0, NFS-shared file system.




When I try the same against a remote Solaris 10 host running gdb-7.4 , I’m getting a LOCAL

Process picker dialog, showing the local processes (and the “New…” button enabled).

I don’t have the full file system shared in that case.


What could be the reason why I don’t get a remote process picker in the 2nd case ?

Can I enable logging of any kind to troubleshoot ?





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