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Re: [cdt-dev] Query on CDT version available


As far as I know there was no release for 7.0.3. Some bugs have this version to communicate that the change was committed to the 7.x branch after the 7.0.2 release. All the fixes should be in 8.0.x and up. If you notice something that did not make it into 8.0.x, you should notify the team on this mailing list and comment on the bug.


On 16/12/2012 4:17 AM, Anoosha Vishwanath wrote:

We are trying to use new CDT version of 7.0.x.
As there are Bugzilla entries for CDT 7.0.3 but could not find the installation (zip) link for the same.
So would like to know whether only CDT 7.0.2 is available or CDT 7.0.3 is also available. If not then is the CDT 7.0.3 changes/ fixes are added to CDT 8.0 head.

Please let me know at the earliest..


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