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Re: [cdt-dev] purpose of EvalID?

> Hi Nathan,
> 1) That's the right approach.
> 2) It is 
probably hard to change the fact that a CPPDeferredFunction is created. 
This is done to satisfy the clients of the public API 
IASTName.resolveBinding(). Within the parser we cannot do much with a 
CPPDeferredFunction, such a binding is also not stored in the index.
 ==> Therefore it should be possible to attach a function set to the 
CPPDeferredFunction (when it is created), such that EvalID.create() can 
create the EvalFunctionSet object.
> Markus.

Thank you Markus, your advice allowed me to fix the bug!

I would be grateful if you could review my patch (and perhaps some of my other 
recent parser/indexer-related patches (see my next mail)) when you have the time.


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