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[cdt-dev] Can I make CDI the default framework for CDT postmortem debug launch?

CDT has switched to use DSF as the default framework for all debug launches including the postmortem debug. Currently I have not created our own DSF postmortem debug launch so we are using the CDT one. We have a requirement to set the default "gdb" command to the correct full path of our gdb executable. Specifically I need to override this method call from in the GdbLaunchDelegate class:

String gdbVersion = getGDBVersion(config)

But I don't have a way to overwrite this without using my own launch configuration delegate class.

In CDI we used to be able to do it by contributing the debugger configuration in the "Debugger" tab. But DSF does not have this contribution mechanism (or I can't find it?)

Is it possible to make CDI the default framework in postmortem debug, for example using plugin_customization.ini file?


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