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[cdt-dev] Google C++ Testing Framework Eclipse plugin available

Firstly, to the CDT devs, thanks so much for all the effort you've put in to the CDT!!

For my project I use the Google C++ Testing Framework ( for automated tests. I found the generation of test classes a bit repetitive so I wrote a plugin for the CDT that extends the New Class Wizard to target the new class towards being a test class. I did google for this, but I didn't find a plugin to do this, so if I've just reinvented the wheel, oh well. I've been wanting to learn how to write an Eclipse plugin for a while now so I finally had an itch to scratch :)

The plugin is licensed under the EPL and can be found on BitBucket at

In the Wiki there's a README with some more detail.

Ideas/patches/pull requests are welcome.

I hope the plugin can help somebody.


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