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[cdt-dev] build settings & assembly

Hi Devs,

I think I have some issue with the tooling, and I'd like you to confirm that 
I'm not completely wrong about the subject.

I am writing some microcontroller stuff and need to access symbols from my 
assembly code that are defined in standard C headers.

This should be doable with a simple #include in the assembly code and the file 
suffix .S, which gcc treats as:

           Assembler code that must be preprocessed.

In contrast .s files should not be preprocessed.

The problem altogether is that my assembly file is not getting preprocessed at 
all, although it has the suffix .S.

One thing that I realized also is that under the eclipse preferences General-
>Content Types, I cannot differentiate between upper case and lower case.
That's just one site note.

Do you have an idea, whether the tooling is doing something funny or if I'm 
too darft?

bye Michi

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