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[cdt-dev] Issue with CDT CDI Debugger in Helios

Hi all,

We had created our own debug launch using Eclipse Platform and CDT CDI
debugger framework.

Now as we are migrating to Helios, it is mentioned that the default
framework is DSF.

I  have following questions -

#1. I have our own debug launch created. So, we have TestLaunchType in
DebugConfigurations with its tabs etc. And on debug, it has its own
ILaunchDelgate using ICDIDebugger interface. So, does it mean that it is by
default using CDI interface now or do I need to do some changes that it is
not calling some DSF code because DSF Is the default one

#2. My Launch configuration tries to connect to remote target using
gdbserver running on remote system. The launch happens correctly but as
soon as I click on Suspend button for any thread, eclipse (both child
eclipse with my plugins and my main eclipse) crashes without throwing any
error on console or logs. Is it because of some mixing of CDI or DSF.

Can someone give me some pointers on that what changes do those users need
to do who have their plugins using CDI Framework and currently want to
continue on that. ?

Thanks & Regards,
Nayna Jain
Nexus Tools Development
Bangalore, India
Contact : 402-56859

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