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[cdt-dev] problem creating a custom toolchain`s linker

First of all I have to say that I know that this list is not the best place to ask questions like mine, but after days of struggle I have no option left. I tried the users forums already, but got no replies to my questions there.
Searching through the archives I have found similar questions to be asked, so I dared to fire mine.
About the problem:
Currently we use the MinGW Toolchain to build our C projects. We use a special compiler and linker instead of gcc, and this is working fine.
But as the mingw toolchain`s linker got so many options that we don`t use, I want to create a custom toolchain, which only contains the options for our compiler and linker.
Alternatively I could inherit the not used options, and use the applicabilityCalculator to hide them, but as far as I know it can be used for options only and not for optionCategory, so that won`t do the trick.
So I`ve ran through the Managed Build System Extensibility Document to create my custom toolchain. Did the tutorial in Chapter 6. But unfortunately the document doesn`t describe how to create a linker tool. What fields are necessary to make this linker work? Because no matter what I do with my linker tool, during project build I got "Nothing to build".
If I inherit the GCC C Linker (cdt.managedbuild.tool.gnu.c.linker) the project builds fine, so I guess my other objects (compiler, builder, target platform, tool-chain, configuration, projectType) are working fine.
What I also don`t understand, is why a misconfigured linker avoids compilation? It is okay that a complete build won`t happen without a proper linker, but at least I want to see compilation happening, as the builder (to collect what to compile) and the compiler are working fine. Or do I miss some concept here?
I am also willing to create a howto/faq/doc about the subject when I gathered the required information, as there is nothing available at the moment. Probably it would help others out there...
Thanks and regards,

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