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[cdt-dev] Adding custom Tools to Cross GCC Toolchain

Hello guys,

for reducing the number of postbuild steps we planned to add own

tools to the Gross GCC Toolchain. What is the best way to do this ?


Thinking about I got following solutions, but I am not sure if its working:

1.     Modify and replace In my version of the plugin

I could modify toolchain cdt.managedbuild.toolchain.gnu.cross.base

2.     Creating own plugin. This contains own toolchain which just takes cdt.managedbuild.toolchain.gnu.cross.base

as base. I just add additional tools to my “sub toolchain”.


First way should not be hard to implement since I have experience creating own CDT Toolchains,

but its  no proper solution.

Especially second way looks good to me, but I’m not sure if its so simple ? Could it work in that way or

do I have to implement more things ?


Would be happy about some hints,

Kind regards



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