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Re: [cdt-dev] Integrate other tests-runner


First of all, you need to file a bug that describes your feature in Eclipse bugzilla [1] then you need to share the code. AFAIK the preferred way is to create a patch and submit it to Gerrit [2]. If there is a lot of new code and there are no changes in existing one it seems is possible to attach it to the bug itself as an archive with sources (however code review would be much harder). Then you need to wait until somebody of commiters review your code and accept it (maybe after a few iterations of fixes). As an author of Tests Runner I could review it too, but I am not a commiter, so I have no rights to accept it. If there is no activity on the bug for a quite long time, you could ask for review here or in the bug itself.

Note also that the code should be distributed under EPL or compatible license.

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-------- Original message --------

I manage a little testing framework
project(, and i want
understand if is possible integrate it into cdt dist, i have already
write a simple plugin project that extend the test runner plugin using
my software(i have been used as template
org.eclipse.cdt.testsrunner.boost and org.eclipse.cdt.testsrunner.gtest ).

what is the procedure and where i can submit this project( if i can ;) )


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