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Re: [cdt-dev] Language Settings Providers and toolchain prefixes

On Wed, Oct 24, 2012 at 3:51 PM, Matt Jervis <matt.jervis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 22/10/12 09:42, Andrew Gvozdev wrote:
Hi Matt, 
As far as checkboxes, it sounds that there is something wrong, do you use a custom New Project Wizard by any chance?
The wizard I have basically coded from scratch, following this series of tutorials:

However, perhaps I should be using the New Project Wizard as a base? I will look into that next week.  A further note that may be of interest is that the include paths don't show up under the project folder in Project Explorer until I first view the "Preprocessor Include Paths, Macros etc." project properties page (I don't have to change anything there, just open and close it).

Take a look at STDWizardHandler, there is ConfigurationDataProvider.setDefaultLanguageSettingsProviders(...) call in setProjectDescription(...).
Thanks Andrew.  I added a call to ConfigurationDataProvider.setDefaultLanguageSettingsProviders(...) for each configuration I create and that resolved the issue.
Just a fair warning that it is a call to internal method which could be discontinued. Really, there should be clean API for creating CDT projects which wizards would use having this and other necessary internal calls inside. Currently CDT new project wizards are doing tweaks for CDT projects themselves not bothering about API. 


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