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[cdt-dev] Experimenting with the CDT Development source code

I have successfully setup a development CDT to study the plugins source code. I am using Juno 64 bits with Windows 7 SP1 and the latest CDT 8.1.
I am able to debug the code and make change to the original code. However I have an issue that drives me crazy.
When I try to change a resource name I am not able to see the new name resource when I start an Eclipse application session.
For example I work with the plugin
1- Open the manifest file MANIFEST.MF of the plugin
2- Select the extension tab
3- Expand the extension org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuilder.core.buildDefinitions
4- Select the element detail org.eclipse.cdt.msvc.toolchain.base
4.1- Current name is Microsoft Visual  C++
4.2- String is externalized using in file
5- Change name in file to Microsoft Visual Spanish C++
6- Make sure the file is updated and saved with the new name Visual Spanish C++
7- Start a debugging session of the plugin
8- Open the Eclipse preference dialog
9- Select the "New CDT Project Wizard" to display the available toochains
10- Check that the visual toochains name is still Microsoft Visual C++ and is not updated.
I tried to clean and rebuild the whole plugin development without success.
From time to time I am able to have the new resource name displayed. When this happens the new name stay.
It seems some resource are cached and not flushed even with a rebuild. At this point I am not sure how to solve
this issue.
Any developer could help me with this?

Guy Bonneau


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