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[cdt-dev] DSF: Greater control over progress?


I have extended the DSF gdb launch sequence to connect to a remote target. As it is a remote target we are downloading the application, and this takes a comparatively long time (anything from 10 to 60 seconds - or more). We would like to show more progress information while the application is downloading, but have two issues.

1. At the point of starting the download, the existing progress monitor is already at 97%
- is there any way to change this? 

2. We are using a StepWithProgress for the download. We have set the Step#getTicks() to return 100:
- we see no progress for our download step - is this because we are already at 97% when we start, and so any progress will only occupy (at most) the final 3%?
- is there any way to 'pop' a progress dialog for this download step

Thanks for any help or pointers

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