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[cdt-dev] Fw: cannot create dynamic Status bar controls in eclipse 4.2

It should be. Cross posting to Platform UI.


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From: "Lee, Alain" <a-lee@xxxxxx>
To: "cdt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx" <cdt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>,
Date: 2012/10/18 16:03
Subject: [cdt-dev] cannot create dynamic Status bar controls in eclipse 4.2
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I need to dynamically create some Status Bar controls. It works fine in Eclipse 3.8 but fails in Eclipse 4.2. Is this still supported in 4.2?

This is how I defined my tool bar in plugin.xml:

<extension point="org.eclipse.ui.menus">
<toolbar id="my.toolbar.test">
id=" my.toolbar.test.items">

Where my.status.myStatusBar extends from WorkbenchWindowControlContribution.

This works in 4.2 when I define the toolbar using the <control> tag.

Is this a bug?

Best regards,
Alain Lee

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