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Re: [cdt-dev] M7

Big +1


Utopian situation:


·         Every feature/fix has an automated test case

·         Test suite execution becomes part of the build process, on Windows and at least one popular flavor of Linux

·         Any failures are reported on the list and considered a P1 issue; should be addressed ASAP.

·         Nothing is delivered without near 100% success


Any software house that is strongly committed to quality embraces these objectives. I don’t see that we try to meet any of these. Part of the problem is lack of infrastructure (test environments and lack of swtbot integration). Without the infrastructure, good intentions fall short. E.g., I remember when working on dsf-gdb, many man hours were spent writing tests. Great, but the tests required a developer to take the initiative to manually run them on his particular machine. Not so great. Also, many features can’t be tested because junit alone is inadequate; the features require using something like swtbot.




But this does point out how poor our test coverage is and that we need to get stricter on test failures, and possibly our code review process to make sure quality doesn't suffer like this in the future.