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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT-based launch configuration

29.03.2012 15:48, Branko Drevenšek пишет:

There's nothing else.
Just few more lines like these:
        config.setAttribute( LaunchConstants.ATTRIBUTE_CONSOLE_HW_SPECIFYPARAMS, getSelectedSerialOptionsEnablement() );
        config.setAttribute( LaunchConstants.ATTRIBUTE_CONSOLE_HW_PORT, hwConsolePort.getText() );
        config.setAttribute( LaunchConstants.ATTRIBUTE_CONSOLE_HW_BAUDRATE, getSelectedBaudrate() );

If you actually do modify attributes in there, then your problem seems to have different cause.


Branko Drevenšek,

Thank you once more for paying attention!

Ok, I'll search the solution. Only one thing is embarassing me now: the performApply(..) method is called before(!) ConfigurationTab is shown to me, not after, when I press "Run" button, for example!

It looks really strange, I think.

Sincerely yours,
Sergey Smolov

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