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Re: [cdt-dev] Syntax and Semantic errors being on by default

Thank you for the replies everyone.

Just to make things clear, I do appreciate the semantic errors and have them enabled. I am only worried about users who don't know how to setup the indexer correctly or those who can't because of a special environment. I guess the cdt-dev list is not the best place to get opinions from the former so it's hard to determine if that represents a big portion of the users or only a small fraction.

Since there is no consensus on whether or not the errors should be enabled by default, I think they should be left enabled by default. However, to help alleviate the issue, I would like to propose: - A wiki page dedicated to achieving the best results with the indexer. Forums and bugzilla can link to this page when false positives are reported. - A quick fix "Configure Paths and Symbols" that links to the page in the project properties
- A quick fix to disable individual codan problems
- A fix for bug 349590 (Introduce quick fixes in hovers for Codan problems) to make the quick fixes more accessible


On 3/13/2012 1:04 AM, Marc-Andre Laperle wrote:

I've been thinking for a while that Syntax and Semantic errors should be disabled by default (ProblemBindingChecker). If you've been reading the forums and bugzilla, you might have noticed that a lot of users are struggling with the errors. The fact is that even if the indexer is really good, it is not perfect. Getting very good results can require a lot of patience and knowledge of how the system works. I wasn't sure before but now I'm fairly convinced that the burden of configuring the indexer properly is too much for a lot of users. I would like to hear your opinions on whether or not the errors should be kept enabled by default.

Thank you,

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