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[cdt-dev] Two patches for AbstractMIControl

I've been working on CDT 8.0.1 extensions and I've found a couple of bugs in AbstractMIControl that I'd like to submit patches for. The first is around line 919 in the command:
                        final String errorResult =  rr.getResultClass();
			if ( errorResult.equals(MIResultRecord.ERROR) ) {
				String status = getStatusString(commandHandle.getCommand(),response);
				String message = getBackendMessage(response);
				Exception exception = new Exception(message);
				rm.setStatus(new Status(IStatus.ERROR, GdbPlugin.PLUGIN_ID, REQUEST_FAILED, status, exception)); 

                      if (commandHandle.getRequestMonitor() != null) {

                      processCommandDone(commandHandle, finalResult);

If a GDB command throws an error message on the GDB traces console, the request monitor will have its status set to error, but the .done() method ends up throwing an exception and the command handle never reaches the processCommandDone. It appears the intention here was to process all commands as done, whether they're errors or not. This has an effect on the whole queueCommand sequence since some of the commands in the queue will never be registered as done. 

Second, I've found that it's possible to overrun the queue. I instrumented the calls for queueCommand and processNextQueuedCommand. Then I was doing some operations that were flooding the queue (1024 events). In queueCommand, fCommandQueue.add(handle) would add the correct handle, but in processNextQueuedCommand would sometimes pull two of one handle and then skip the next handle. For example, queueCommand would queue handles A, B, C, D, E, etc, but processNextQueuedCommand would remove handles A, B, C, C, E. Therefore, the command associated with D would never be marked as completed. Higher up, I was using a countdown latch, and it would get stuck.

I have pretty simple patches for both of these bugs, but I've never submitted patches before, so I need a little help with that part. I've searched bugzilla and haven't found bugs for these. I'm willing to file them, but I'd like to make sure that I'm not replicating bugs that already exist. Second, I'm trying to come up with reproduction for the bugs. I've found them through our extensions. The first bug, I'm trying to figure out something that will always cause a GDB error. For the second, I was flooding with monitor commands. I can probably knock up a method to run 1024 memory reads, but I assume this would have to be an external class that you could run. Does this need to have a GUI interface? Should it be an independent plugin? I'd just like to make sure that I do this right. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
Jason Litton

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