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Re: [cdt-dev] Syntax and Semantic errors being on by default

> I would like to hear your opinions on whether or not the errors 
> should be kept enabled by default.

I think they should be kept enabled by default.

I have found that CDT's ability to point out semantic errors as I
type, rather than having to wait for a compile cycle, gives me a 
tremendous productivity boost. I would imagine the same goes for 
many other developers.

I also think that the accuracy of the indexer has improved 
significantly since the Indigo release as many indexer bugs were
fixed (notably, bug 197989 [1], but many others as well). While
numerous indexer bugs remain (in particular, in our codebase bug 
299911 [2] still causes many false positive errors), I think that
the signal-to-noise ratio of the semantic errors given by CDT is
quite high now (in the Juno version) - high enough, I think, to
be useful to most people.

Finally from a developer's point of view: a lot of the 
imperfections in the indexer are still unreported. If users are
exposed to them, they will be reported sooner, when they are fixed
the accuracy of the indexer will increase further, which in turn
motivates more users to report the remaining errors... a positive
feedback loop!



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