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Re: [cdt-dev] [ptp-dev] Screen-cast of Remote Project Prototype Demo

I meant to cc cdt-dev and ptp-dev in this message, but it looks like it bounced because I was not subscribed. The message was as follows:

Here is a summary of the call which was held today regarding the remote project prototype:

Jeff gave a brief description of the work that he did taking advantage of RDT to make the Autotools remote capable with minimal changes to CDT and Autotools. He promised to update the wiki page with more information about his work.

Doug mentioned that CDT would be interested in simple remote project support, but that he has not looked at Jeff's changes yet and cannot speak to the architectural impact of incorporating them into the CDT.

Chris felt that Jeff's work is duplicating what RDT is already doing. He also mentioned that it may have been a lot easier to create an RDT Autotools project. Chris's view is that this work does not solve any problems for RDT other than the UI clutter issue, but he did feel that the work does have merit. He suggested that the way forward is for Jeff to do the heavy lifting and coming up with ideas and posting them for discussion to see what people think.

It was also discussed that while it might be easy to apply this abstraction to a simple remote project there are a number of challenges when it comes to doing the same for a synced project. For example the fact that you need to ensure that files are automatically and transparently synced before accessing them. One answer to this, proposed by Roland, was that if the remote OS had some kind of hook to provide notification when a file changes it can be used to ensure that files stay synced.

Roland also spoke about the challenges of putting the remote abstraction at the platform level. He gave the example of how some plugins make file access in the UI thread, and how that in a remote system with some lag this will cause the UI to freeze.

For the next step Jeff will post his patches with some additional information about the design.

Please feel free to reply to this if there is anything I missed or paraphrased incorrectly.

  Sami Wagiaalla

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