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Re: [cdt-dev] The defaults of "Index unused headers" and "Index source and header files opened in editor" preferences

It's strange. I thought that "Index source and header files opened in editor" should be faster then "Index unused headers" cause the amount of unused headers may be significantly more than amount of opened files.

However if "Index unused headers" should work fine on CDT 8.1 I vote to enable it by default.


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Regarding "Index source and header files opened in editor" preference:
Although Eclipse C/C++ is great and has a very rich functionality, one of his problems is performance. For example, refer to mail sent by me last week ( With this preference enabled, it will make eclipse slower.

In my opinion, this preference should not be enabled by default.

I have the other preferences set to favour accuracy over performance (e.g. 'Index unused headers', 'Index source files not included in build', 'Update index immediately after every file-save'), but for 'Index source and header files opened in editor' I've found it impacts the performance a lot without giving any additional noticeable increases in accuracy.

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