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Re: [cdt-dev] "Add new expression" node in Expressions view disappears when Expression column is deselected

I think this is a reasonable request please file a bug (and a patch).  One thing I think we don't want is the "add new _expression_" label shown twice when both _expression_ and name columns are visible.


On 02/29/2012 01:14 AM, Abeer Bagul wrote:
In the Expressions view, if user unchecks the "show columns" menuitem, or if the user deselects the "_expression_" column, the "Add new _expression_" node is not visible. Actually a node is present in the tree, but its label is an empty string.

While checking the implementation, came across this method  ExpressionManagerVMNode.updateNewExpressionVMCLabel(), where the name column is added in No Columns mode, but label for the Add new _expression_ is provided only if the _expression_ column is visible.

The label "Add new _expression_" should be visible for both the Name column as well as the _expression_ column, since the platform view only has Name column and still shows the "Add new _expression_" label. It seems the _expression_ column is added to _expression_ View by DSF thru class ExpressionColumnPresentation.

Is this a bug? If so I can file a bug and contribute a patch to make sure that "Add new _expression_" label is updated for both Name and _expression_ columns.

Abeer Bagul
Tensilica India

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