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[cdt-dev] Handling DSF's dependencies to CDT

Hi all, Pawel,

In Mathias Kunter is making DSF-GDB
respect the preference C/C++->Debug, about number format default values.

Winnie Lai is helping and contributed a patch containing in part a 
utility method that converts CDT's 
which is used by the preference page, to DSF's 

It is unclear to me if this conversion belongs in the DSF framework or not
(if not, it would go into DSF-GDB).  DSF is already dependant on the CDT
plugin that provides ICDIFormat (org.eclipse.cdt.debug.core), so it 
sounds ok to put the code directly in DSF.

Any opinions?

In fact, we can go one step further and ask: should the DSF framework
respect the preference C/C++->Debug page itself, or should we keep the
logic in DSF-GDB?

Thanks for any guidance


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