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Re: [cdt-dev] [tcf-dev] Releng changes

Hi Doug,

Thanks for doing this !

This may also be a chance to switch from delivering TCF 0.5 for Juno to TCF 1.0 , right ?

Also, I'm wondering what's the impact with respect to TCF even being on the train ... has TCF ever officially opted-in to Juno or was it pulled in automatically as a part of the CDT so far ?


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Hey gangs from CDT and TCF. Now that EDC is turned off for Juno, there is no longer any need to build TCF as part of the CDT build. I am working on separating the two so that they can be run independently.
Each build will sign and post their own artifacts. cdt-master which was doing this now will also be turned off.

I will also put in the necessary changes so that the train build will pick up TCF from a new home. This is required by the Linux Tools project. The new home will be a new directory created up at (once I get the file perms fixed to allow me to create it).

We'll likely have a few broken builds this week as I get this going.
So I figured I'd warn you :).

Also, this is for Juno and forward. I will leave the Indigo releng system in place so that it can be built as is.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.
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