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[cdt-dev] Sorting out DSF / CDI preferences

Hi all,

I'm currently working with Marc on an issue regarding DSF and CDI user preferences. We want to add support for handling non-ASCII strings to the debugger. I've already fixed bug 307311 in order to generally support this. There however now needs to be some GUI option to enable the user to comfortably select the character encoding while debugging. We think this could be nicely handled like shown in this GUI draft:

The problem now however is that only DSF uses the shown popup menu; CDI uses the C/C++ -> Debug preferences page instead. In order to sort this out, Marc and I thought about moving those CDI preferences found at this page to the corresponding popup menus in the Variables / Expressions / etc. views, in the same way as it's currently handled for DSF. That way we would have a consistent GUI for both DSF and CDI.

It would be much appreciated if you could let us know your opinion about this. Is it a good idea? Why / why not? Also, if you're familiar with the CDI preferences handling, can you tell us how much work it would be to move the preferences to the popup menus?

I can offer to spend some time on fixing this if the interest is there. See bug 370462 for details. I really think this adds value to CDT. Thank you.

Best regards,
Mathias K.

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