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[cdt-dev] When does codan update the results of the checkers?

Hello, I'm bianco
I'm working on some codan checkers, but I have a doubt on how codan works,
it's a curiosity
Let's say that I have a checker running on a C file, I know that the results
of the checker are updated after every modification to the code of the C
file, but how does that work?
I mean, the all abstract syntax tree representing the C code is checked
again after every modification of the C code?or just a part of the ast?and
is this done after every modification, or if, for instance, I simply add a
blank character " " to the C code then the scan of the ast is not done
I hope my question is clear, sorry if I don't speak English particularly
well :) 
Thanks to everyone will try to clear my doubt, waiting for you answer.
Best regards,

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