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Re: [cdt-dev] How to override disassembly view's BreakpointsAnnotationModel?

Hi Norman,


You can provide an adapter for the breakpoint object and implement the IBreakpointLocationProvider interface. Within each of the getXYX() methods, return null for breakpoint that doesn’t belong to the core that is requested by the getXYZ() method. You need a way to figure out which breakpoint belongs to which core.





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Subject: [cdt-dev] How to override disassembly view's BreakpointsAnnotationModel?


In a multi-core session, the diassembly view shows breakpoints from all cores, but I want it to show only the breakpoints for the current core context.  I looked at the disassembly view's source code and noticed that the BreakpointsAnnotationModel class shows all breakpoints that it gets from the breakpoint manager.   I think the right way to customize it is to override the BreakpointsAnnotationModel class from my custom DSF debugger plugin.  Is it possible to override it?  If so, how do I do it?

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