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[cdt-dev] memory monitor on pointer variable

Hi All,
I have a question regarding memory view.
Put memory monitor on pointer variable , it does not updates its memory address when we step,
consider a simple program,

int main()

int i=100,*my_ptr,x=5,a=3,b=4,c=5,d=6;


return 0;

if I add memory monitor on 'my_ptr'  ,  say address while I planted memory monitor my_ptr was at address 0xe8e8e8e8
now when I step, address of 'my_ptr' changes but in memory view it does not updates.
But if I add another memory monitor at 'my_ptr' it will show correct address.

so is this the desired behavior or is it a bug.

Harish Dewan
Tensilica India

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