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Re: [cdt-dev] Help request to resolve a CDT bug related to macro handling


Just by coincidence, today I was searching a bug in our CDT based development environment and it seems that the fix I've found does also fix the two bugs mentioned below. You may want to give my patch a try, which I've attached to


On 11.01.2012 12:00, Békési Tibor wrote:


Our Eclipse development team at Continental AG has been developing an Eclipse CDT based IDE called CATCH that we offer to all of our embedded C developers inside our corporation (only for company internal usage).

The introduction of CATCH IDE has been very successful at many business units until now. However unfortunately we have run into an annoying CDT bug related to the macro symbol handling of CDT that is blocking us currently.

We reported this bug more than two years ago:


I am trying to describe you this issue below (as short as possible).

Our use case is that our users define macro symbols on different folders of their C projects inside Eclipse CDT IDE and they have a requirement to define the same symbol name with different values on different folders.

But when you define a symbol S on folder A giving it a value e.g. S = 1 and then define the same S symbol with e.g. S = 2 value on folder B (where folder B is another folder on the same path level), then the Eclipse UI (editor, Path and Symbols dialog, etc.) mistakenly displays the same value S = 1 everywhere also under source files under folder B.

There are other bugs that are also related to this issue. For example:

We would like to ask for your kind help to investigate and resolve this issue, and of course any hints are highly appreciated. Please inform me if you need any further details or an additional bug report to analyze this problem.

Best regards,


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