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Re: [cdt-dev] EDC

TCF on Windows uses dbghelp.dll from Microsoft to read symbols. The implementation is more like a proof of concept then a real complete symbol reader. In particular, C++ support is very limited. At the moment, we don't have resources to work on a full-blown symbol reader for "Visual C++ style" symbols.

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I guess the correct answer is both. I do know the TCF guys are interested at looking at what the EDC guys did there to give them ideas on how to make the TCF one more complete.


And that was one of the things that was always weird about all this. EDC and TCF debug are solving the same problem, just with different approaches.




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Hi Doug,

You previously mentioned some work has been done on Windows debugging with "Visual C++ style" symbols. Was that part of EDC? Or just TCF?


On 16/01/2012 1:03 PM, Schaefer, Doug wrote:

Hey gang, we talked about this in the call last week. I am very concerned about the future of EDC. Development appears to have stopped on it and I am struggling to find a community around it. If you are still interested in EDC, please let me know.


My current plan is to remove EDC from the CDT builds. We’ll leave the source repository where it is and if someone takes it up later, we can put it back into the builds. I would like to do this as well for Juno M5 (which is in two weeks or so). Please respond if you have any objections.



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