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[cdt-dev] Possible bug in ManagedBuildGnuToolInfo.calculateOutputs


While searching a problem in my own plug-in code (which is heavily using CDT), I stumbled over code that doesn't make sense to me. As it could be a bug, I decided to write my founding to the list.

In ManagedBuildGnuToolInfo.calculateOutputs:

                        // Calculate the output name
// The inputs must have been calculated before we can do this
                            //  Replace the % with the file name
                            if (primaryOutput) {
myCommandOutputs.add(namePattern.replaceAll("%", fileName)); //$NON-NLS-1$
typeEnumeratedOutputs.add(namePattern.replaceAll("%", fileName)); //$NON-NLS-1$
                            if (variable.length() > 0) {
List<IPath> outputs = new ArrayList<IPath>();
if (myOutputMacros.containsKey(variable)) { // !!! May this be a bug? !!! List<IPath> currList = myOutputMacros.get(variable);
                                    myOutputMacros.put(variable, currList);
                                } else {
                                    myOutputMacros.put(variable, outputs);

In case of a tool that represents a "C++ Compiler", the variable named 'variable' typically contains the value "OBJS" and the filenames of the compilers output will typically have file extension ".o". In the situation I have been debugging, 'namePattern' was "%.o" and 'fileName' was "test" (originating from a file named "test.cpp"). These values make absolutely sense to me. Therefore, 'myCommandOutputs' and 'typeEnumeratedOutputs' both were added the value "test.o" which, again, makes sense to me.

What does *not* make sense to me is that "test" (instead of "test.o") will later be added to 'outputs'. About 5 lines after, this causes that the map entry "OBJS" of 'GnuMakefileGenerator.buildOutVars' will be extended by "test" as well (where I would have expected "test.o"). Sure, I haven't completely understood all use cases of 'buildOutVars' and its content, but does this behavior really make sense?

Note: I'm not aware that this "anomaly" causes any real-world problems.

Best regards,

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