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[cdt-dev] C11 was released in Dec. 2011

Hi folks,

I wonder if you guys have seen the release of the C11 standard (yeah C not C++). I just wonder how long the compiler support for C11 will take, compared to C99.

"Major changes from pevious edition [C99] include:
— conditional (optional) features (including some that were previously mandatory) — support for multiple threads of execution including an improved memory sequencing model, atomic objects, and thread-local storage (<stdatomic.h> and <threads.h>)
— additional floating-point characteristic macros (<float.h>)
— querying and specifying alignment of objects (<stdalign.h>, <stdlib.h>)
— Unicode characters and strings (<uchar.h>) (originally specified in ISO/IEC TR 19769:2004)
— type-generic expressions
— static assertions
— anonymous structures and unions
— no-return functions
— macros to create complex numbers (<complex.h>)
— support for opening files for exclusive access
— removed the gets function (<stdio.h>)
— added the aligned_alloc, at_quick_exit, and quick_exit functions (<stdlib.h>) — (conditional) support for bounds-checking interfaces (originally specified in ISO/IEC TR 24731−1:2007)
— (conditional) support for analyzability"

This includes also some new keywords:


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