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[cdt-dev] Scanner Discovery API and versioning of cdt.core

There are 2 interfaces that were changed in cdt.core and that cause breaking API changes as reported by API tooling. Both interfaces are presumable of internal kind but not marked currently as such:
- org.eclipse.cdt.core.settings.model.ICDescriptionDelta
- org.eclipse.cdt.core.settings.model.ICSettingEntry

I marked both as @noextend/@noimplement which is breaking by itself.

ICDescriptionDelta is to create a delta for event notification which is done internally in the model. I do not believe users should be allowed to implement it.
I am less convinced about ICSettingEntry but we had some discussion about it earlier and James was of the opinion that it should be marked as internal. I would concur unless somebody provide a good reason for extending.

So, on sd90 branch I marked them as @noextend/@noimplement and added to API filters which allowes not to increase the major version of cdt.core. Would it be appropriate to do in this case?

This also brings up a question what is the next version of CDT itself, is it CDT 9.0 or CDT 8.1 ?


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