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Re: [cdt-dev] In-place editing in disassembly view?


Does the disassembly view support in-line editing of opcodes? If so, how do I enable this feature?

I have gone through some of the queries posted on the eclipse discussion blog and till now i have not found a concrete 'YES' as the answer. Although a few have claimed that they have implemented changing of opcode by using a custom dialog box and later forcing the disassembly view to refresh/update itself, I wonder if this is really possible as the Disassembly code has no APIs for allowing editing. Is there anyway that opcodes can be changed ? Has any new updates/releases been launched that allow in-line editing of opcodes ?

I am also unable to extend the Disassembly view by creating a subclass. The eclipse throws an error asking me to configure my java buildpath when i try to subclass the Disassembly View. Can anyone kindly help me out ?


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Jagruth. P

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