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[cdt-dev] Modifying what is shown in the variable detail view

Hello all,


I’m trying to update what is displayed in the number format detail view(for the variable and _expression_ view etc…). I’ve added a menu item and handler that updates a new property I’ve added to IDebugVMConstants.


If I look at the IPresentationContext in DetailJob when the detail pane is being updated then the context has the new property I have set (with the correct value) but I can’t see it in the DataRequestMonitor that actually does the update.  


I’ve added it to the list of properties that’s passed to the propertyProvider but when I call getData.get(IDebugVMConstants.PROP_MY_NEW_PROPERTY) in the DRM it always returns null.


I guess that there must be somewhere else that I have to add my new property but I’m not sure where it is. Can anybody offer any suggestions?


Thanks in advance


Phil Mason




Phil Mason



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