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Re: [cdt-dev] Error reporting in launch dialogs

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> So suppose I have a launch configuration type, and one of the tabs
> configures something complex, like connection to hardware device, or
> connection to remote system. Something can easily get wrong, and the error
> message can easily be very long.

> 2. Show the error message inside the tab.
> Pros: I can do anything I want. I can even add "details"
> link to show more data. Cons: it's less visible location.
> Still need to use setErrorMessage with brief summary

Option 2 is the right thing to do, assuming you provide the
right summaries in each place:

- The setErrorMessage text should briefly summarize the issue
  and which tab/option caused it, so the user knows
  where to go to fix it, since the user may be looking at this
  message while they're on another tab. So something like:

   "Target Tab: The connection to the remote system is invalid."

- You can then have more detail on the Target tab,
  but basically just enough so the user can understand and 
  resolve the issue. E.g. "Server did not respond, bad password."
  If there's voluminous error output from the connection attempt,
  use a Detail button and a dialog for that, so the user can
  consult the error output if _they_ want to.

In other words, keep the user informed and in control,
so they know where to go and what to do next.

William R. Swanson
Tilera Corporation

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